Recommended bobbin types

Posted May 6th, 2016 in Technical Updates

SteegerUSA offers 16mm, 26mm, or 30mm barrel diameter bobbins with a Flange OD of 40mm and space between the flanges of 26mm (see attached drawings).
Most of the major wire supplier can and will spool there products directly onto our bobbins. The wire supplier should clean the wire before it is put onto the bobbins. There is no oil coming in contact with the wire between the point of leaving the bobbin and the point of braiding.
Bobbin installation is very easy. Simply slip on/off over a bobbin retaining latch (no tools required). It can be done with a one handed operation.
During operation, wire is released from the bobbin as material is required. The spool will ratchet 1/8th of a revolution.