How to prevent wire breaks

Posted June 13th, 2016 in Technical Updates

Wire tension is controlled by selection of the ratchet (general) and tension springs (specific), option of addition set of compensation rollers to decrease tension even further. Mandrel tension is controlled before the capstan with a magnetic hysterisis brake and after with a weight adjustable dancer mechanism (optional magnetic particle clutch).
The largest cause of wire breaks is due to wire spooling issues or incorrect selection of tension springs. In the process of finding the ideal tension, if the engineer selects too weak a spring, the braid will be loosely wrapped around the core, and occasionally will fall off the carrier rollers resulting in wire/fiber breaks inside the carriers. If the engineer selects too heavy a spring, the braid will be very tightly wrapped on the core, and occasionally my break at the braid point, where all the wires come together on the core material.