Frequent Questions

Posted June 13th, 2016 in Technical Updates

If the wire breaks, will the machine automatically stop (automatic detection system)?

Yes, wire break switch for single end and optional sensor for multiple end sensing (conductive materials).

How does the speed relate to that of the Wardwell (or equal) rotary style braider?

Generally we run at half the RPM of the rotary style machines. However our foot print is about one half of the footprint of the equivalent number of carriers.

What is the ease of mandrel installation?

For vertical machine: material is payed off from spool at front of machine, pulled up through the braiding head, around the capstan and inversion rollers five times, down under the head under the dancer mechanism and onto the take-up spool. For horizontal machine: material is pulled through the braiding head, through the puller unit, over a roller, under the dancer and onto the take-up spool.

What is the general time to set up?

About 10 minutes to load carriers into machine or switch patterns. 10 minutes to change springs and 15-20 minutes to string up the machine with core and braiding material.