Types of wire Steeger equipment supports

Posted June 13th, 2016 in Technical Updates

Steeger Braiders using 80 mm horn gears are the only braiders that can braid the extremely small wire and fiber with the demonstrated capability going as low as 0.0005 wire and 5 denier for continuous fiber.
These braiders are used extensively in the production of medical devices. These devises tend to use wire below 0.008” and fiber below 500 single filament denier.
Typical types of wire include:
• Round wire & flat wire sizes: 0.008” – 0.0005”
• Monofilament sizes: 0.007” – 0.0007”
• Continuous filament sizes: down to 5 denier
• Wire types: SS, copper, platinum, tungsten, tantalum, nitinol
• Monofilament: types PEN, PET, Nylon, PEEK, PGA
• Biocompatible material types: bovine or collagen based fibers
• Continuous filament types: polyethelane, dyneema carbon, kevlar, fiberglass, spectra, nanotubes,

Machines are also capable of braiding larger wire which is used primarily in the production of electronic devices or connections.