Packing Braiders


Packing Braiders are suitable for production of dry or lubricated braided packings using standard yarns. Packing braiders are commonly used for products for the oil and chemical industry. Steeger packing braiders can be optimized for any type of yarn from leading suppliers, including high-tech yarns made from aramid, PFTE silk, carbon, glass and ceramic fibers.

Packing braiders create braided packing material, similar to a rope, which provide resilience, chemical resistance, strength and temperature resistance. Packing braiders can produce braided packing in a square or rectangular cross section and can utilize a range of different material including:

  • 3 and 4 diagonal interlacing of high-tech-yarns such as aramids
  • PTFE
  • carbon
  • glass
  • ceramic fibers
  • specialty engineered yarns

Square packing braid is a fairly loose braid. When compressed this style packing braid will radially expand more than other packing braid patterns allowing for effective seals compared to a tightly woven braid packing that will not expand far enough to provide an effective seal.

Other packing braid patterns are interlocked more tightly providing minimal leak paths between the braid. These tighter braid patterns, also known as lattice packing, interlock packing, Texlock packing or Interbraid packing, will expend less than square packing braids.

Steeger packing braider machines feature PLC controls to program the haul-off speed and other process parameters. Product changes are fast and repeatable. Process parameters are easy to document and control.

Carriers suitable to accommodate either cross wound yarn tubes or parallel wound flange bobbins.


Technical services and spare parts available from Spartanburg, South Carolina.



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Packing Braid Equipment
Packing Braid Equipment

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