In this braided catheter pattern, one single wire alternately passes under, then over another single wire. These wires rotate in opposite directions. Note, a braid machine operating in this configuration runs at 50% capacity also known as a “half-load”. This pattern is easiest to remove from core without increasing braid thickness. Best distance between picks for extruding adhesion. Most recommended pattern to use.

This is the primary braided catheter pattern used for medical devices: 16 carrier braider in a half load, then 32 carrier in a half load, after that its function specific as to the number of carriers and load pattern.  Primary material used is flat wire to help reduce overall wall thickness of the device.  The braided structure of a medical device usually has at least three different PPI segments to allow it to be guided and turned.

Burst strength will be affected by load and braid angle. Diamond half load and a 45 degree braid angle offer highest integrity.