This braided catheter pattern can be a single or multiple wires routed straight within the braid pattern. A Tri-Axe wire is part of the braid structure that runs longitudinal along the length of the core. They are braided in and out of every other crossing or pick. Tri-Axe wires can be used up to half the capacity of a full load. A triaxial reinforces the braid, preventing it from bending, stretching or collapsing. Adding triaxials will also increase burst strength but will reduced flexibility. 

A triaxial can be any material, a wire, a polymer or a fiber; depending on the application. If the triaxial is braided with a higher tension than the carrier material, then the triaxial material dominates the braid, and allows the triaxial material to move within the braid, as in the application of an articulated catheter tip.

In this braided catheter pattern, if the triaxial material is braided with an equal tension to the carrier material, then the two materials capture each other and the overall effect is to prevent the braid from expanding or collapsing, this is useful for medical reinforced silicone tubing or medical balloons, to increase burst pressure.

Note: this configuration can only be used with a 50% capacity pattern (i.e. One Over One Pattern). Additional hardware options are required to enable this configuration.