Composite Braiding Systems


K80 Series Horizontal & Vertical Style Braiding Systems

Steeger USA’s braiding machines are the result of 130 years of experience and research, working closely with our customers.

  • Manufactured to strict quality and performance standards according to the customers need.
  • Steeger USA is exclusively customer and market oriented.
  • Continuously seeking new ways to improve.

Composite Braiding Systems are designed as high capacity horizontal braider with 144 carriers and tractor pulling system.

Carriers suitable to accomodate either cross wound yarn tubes or parallel wound flannge bobbins.

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composite plastic braiding close up
Composite Braiding Systems
Composite Braiding Systems

Braiders with individual drive

Special braiding machines in horizontal design suitable for composite industry using special yarns and roving e.g. glass roving, ceramic yarns, glass and carbon roving, aramids and various other high tech yarns.


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