Dual Array Lamination Solutions

Increase Your Lamination Throughput

Achieve higher throughput and consistent repeatable results with our Dual Array Vertical Laminator (VL1050).   Laminate your multi-durometer tubing, on this machine featuring 10 thermal nozzle and gripper arrays (2 banks of 5).  This latest model streamlines production and the banks can be ran independently sharing the same recipe.

Thermal Nozzles:

Our system digitally regulates the delivery of hot air through custom-made thermal nozzles, offering a range of options, including the MicroSwirl 360-degree nozzle.

Recipe Management:

The system accommodates six speed and length zone transitions within a single cycle, with the added benefit of independent temperature control for each thermal nozzle.The loading rack can be programmed to lower for comfortable product loading, and the user-friendly touchscreen PC interface simplifies the storage and retrieval of multiple programmable parameter profiles.

Product Centering and Grippers:

To ensure precise catheter alignment in the heat zone and consistent outcomes, the machine features universal grippers and self-centering product guides, accommodating a wide range of product sizes from 0-34Fr.

Product Features:    
  • 10 Product Capacity
  • Adjustable height gripper rack for ergonomic loading
  • 0-34Fr product grippers and optional centering guides
  • 175, 205 or 255cm travel length options
  • HMI Controlled Temperature
  • Automated Universal Gripper Rack (0-34Fr)
  • Universal Funnels
  • Windows 10
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Castering Wheels and Levelers
  • CE Marked


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