32 to 16 Modular System


Over the past year there has been an increase in demand for 24 or 32 carrier machines. Many of our customers look to differentiate themselves for their competitors. This usually results in variations of product OD, different braid patterns for additional track-ability or even flex manufacturing capacity with a machine that may not be fully utilized.

In order to support our customer’s development, Steeger USA wanted to inform our customers about our modular machines that can be utilized for flex manufacturing capacity and research and development opportunities. The modular machine frame utilizes the same footprint as our standard horizontal 24 and 32 carrier machines. This newly designed machine can accept an 8, 12 or 16 carrier head with very little floor space required. The modular machine’s simple bolt up/ plug and pay design requires minimal changeover time from equipment maintenance teams.

The total cost of a 32 carrier machine with an additional 16 carrier head is thousands of dollars less expensive than investing in an additional 16 carrier machine. For those customers with lower volume requirements, this may be an ideal
solution to expand internal capabilities and limit capital investment.

  • delrin bottomed horn gear upgrade
  • provides overall noise reduction in machine
  • can fit most all 80mm machines


  • Convert 32 carrier machine to 16 carrier
  • Allows for customer to flex manufacturing capacity
  • Can be done at customer’s facility


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32-16 carrier upgrade equipment
32-16 carrier upgrade equipment

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