Medical Braider with Reduced Noise Output


Steeger USA has developed an upgrade package to reduce the noise output from our braiders and coilers. This upgrade can be done on new machine builds or onsite to retrofit current machines.

The sound dampening kit includes double-walled plexiglass and the addition of sound deadening acoustic material to the rear and underneath portions of the machine. This kit dampens the noise produced from the machine’s head portion of the machine. Testing has shown a reduction of up to 10 decibels.

Plastic Horn Gears:

An additional 5-decibel reduction can be achieved by changing from metal to Delrin horn gears. In addition to producing less noise, the plastic material reduces the amount of grease and maintenance required to operate the machine. The Coiler Retrofit is designed to add flexibility to the 16 carrier braider. The coiler retrofit allows round and flat wires, and monofilament fibers, in a single or multiple wire coil.

Sound dampening is available on all 8, 12, 16, 24 and 32 carrier machine configurations. Horizontal machines with triaxials or a feeder tray are more difficult to design dampening due to the large entry holes required to run these options. Please contact SteegerUSA to determine if your machine can be fit for a noise reduction design.


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