Braider Control System Upgrade

Benefits of Upgrading:

  • Increase max rpm speed by 30%
  • Store up to 25 product recipes
  • Improve from 9 to 25 variable PPI segments
  • Ability to vary pick count (PPI Segments)
  • Added control of operator levels
  • Limit downtime in case of breakdown
  • Ethernet capable expandable hardware for data
  • collection and other customizable software features


Installation takes 2 days and is performed on-site at the customers facility. Contact us to schedule your upgrade appointment.

Package Details

Retrofit IMC package is designed as a replacement for the older IQ550 control system on Steeger USA machines built prior to 2007 (spare parts no longer manufactured for the IQ550). The new system is a “Plug & Play” design that will allow for the old control panel to be pulled out and replaced with new IMC system.


  • Ability to use either Allen Bradley or B&R system components
  • Table drive updated from AC motor to servo motor for better control of table speeds and positioning, increased max rpm of 400 or 800 ppm, and larger ppi range of 0 – 600
  • HMI is 6” color touch screen
    • Software capabilities include:
    • Control of operator levels
    • Stores up to 25 product recipes
    • Capable of 25 variable braiding segments
  • Capable of transitional segments
  • Hardware expandable for Ethernet capabilities and additional I/O, for example adding data collection.
  • Allows for ease of software customization on specific applications


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