Coiler Retrofit for 16 Carrier Braiders

Steeger USA has developed a retrofit package that allows our customers to easily use their 16 carrier horizontal or vertical braider as a coiler. Many of our customers want access to a coiler for R&D projects but don’t want to invest in a production coiler until they have developed their process. Our coiler retrofit for 16
carrier braiders is the solution.

Switching between coiling and braiding takes as little as 45 minutes. The coiling software is already standard on all 16-carrier braiders with IMC controls, and the retrofit maintains the capability of 25 variable coiling/pitch segments, while also capable of transition segments. By using the KL80D carriers, the same as our braiders, your customers get the same Consistent tension capabilities they are used to.

The Coiler Retrofit is designed to add flexibility to the 16 carrier braider. The coiler retrofit allows round and flat wires, and monofilament fibers, in a single or multiple wire coil.

Coiler Retrofit

  • 4 Carriers As Standard Setup
  • Base designed to accommodate up to 12 wire/fiber on the standard coiling plate
  • Max RPM of 155-200 while using while in coiler configuration
  • Designed for same fiber/wire size as braider
  • Best for reel-to-reel coiling applications
  • Mounts on top of braider head

Benefits of the Coiler Retrofit

  • Switch quickly between coiling and braiding applications.
  • Reduce cost by using the same machine for both coiling and braiding.
  • Added Flexibility to your 16 carrier braider.
  • Perfect solution to R & D.


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