Carrier Exchange Program

Steeger USA introduces the new Carrier Exchange Program.

Field research done by Steeger USA has shown that carrier maintenance is one of the most neglected aspects of overall braiding machine maintenance. Steeger USA experimented with various machine/carrier maintenance cycles and have concluded that carrier maintenance, done on proper cycles, improves overall product quality and reduces downtime.

That is why Steeger USA developed the Carrier Maintenance Program. Our program allows your local maintenance personnel more time for their other responsibilities by outsourcing carrier maintenance to our experts. Who better to manage maintenance of one of the most critical factors of these machine operations than those who build the machines!

Turnaround time based upon either Standard or Expedited Maintenance Programs are faster than can be accomplished in house This allows machines to be more productive as Steeger USA is better equipped and more familiar with refurbishing their carriers. There is an absolute assurance of use of all new parts except for the carrier body. In instances where the body is damaged and would prevent the regular operation of the carrier, the body will also be replaced. The Standard Purchase Order price will have built-in replacement of several bases automatically. Beyond that a fixed price for additional bases will be agreed upon beforehand.

2 programs to meet your need

Standard Program

You Dismount and Ship Carriers to Steeger USA for refurbishment We perform maintenance and ship refurbished carriers back. The amount of time between receiving carriers and return shipping will very depending on the number of carriers being refurbished.

Expedited Program

You choose the number of carriers to refurbish and inform Steeger USA. We ship you refurbished carriers from our inventory. When you receive the refurbished carriers remove and replace your old carriers. Send the removed carriers back to Steeger USA for future refurbishments. This program has the added benefit of further reducing downtime.


Benefits of the Carrier Maintenance Program:

  • Reduce wire breaks
  • Maintain consistent PPI and braid angle
  • Increase product output
  • Ease and/or reduce audit risk if applicable
  • Reduce downtime by replacing parts before they wear out or break
  • Run equipment at higher speeds
  • Produce more consistent product


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