Horizontal Braider Puller Systems


The Witels Albert puller is the standard pulling option for horizontal braiding machines. The jaws on this puller can open up to 10mm and the width of the belt is 15.5mm. With this puller, the user can braid a product that is 0 to 10mm in OD. In the past we have noticed that when braiding on a larger mandrel over 7-8mm that the mandrel tends to “walk” out of the belts. This is due to the narrowness of the belts. On the Witels Albert, the top jaw is fixed and only the bottom jaw moves when opened and closed. Because of this, the user will have to ensure the center point of the machine’s head matches just below the belt on the top jaw. If different mandrel/ core sizes are used on this puller, the puller height will have to be adjusted. This is to accommodate for centerline difference between mandrel sizes, especially if the mandrel material is stiff and solid. This puller is best for dedicated product lines that only one product planned to be used on it, or products with similar ODs and for products that have already been qualified with this puller in the past.

The Versa puller is our upgraded pulling option for the horizontal braiding machines. The jaws on this puller can open up to 50mm and the width of the belt is 50mm. With this puller, our customers can braid a product that is 0 to 50mm in OD. The Versa puller is more robust and best for users that are planning to run multiple product sizes. The jaws on this puller are self-centering and no height adjustment is required when swapping product sizes. The puller is centered from factory and should not require any additional height adjustments. The wider and longer belts help to provide better stability to the product during the braiding process, minimizing mandrel oscillation. The Versa puller is best for customers who focus in R&D, plan to run multiple size products or if the products OD is larger than 10mm.

Product Features

Product Range (OD):

Witels: 0 to 10mm

Versa: 0 to 50mm


Band Width:

Witels: 15.5mm

Versa: 50mm


Centerline Adjustment:

Witels: Manual

Versa: Automatic


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Witels Puller System

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